Under Orders

Under Orders – Peter and Cornelius

Under Orders – Peter & Cornelius

Each of us is subjected to having to follow orders nearly every day of our lives. Whether it be those who are serving in the military, your employer, or even your school. At some point in time or another, all of us have disobeyed those orders. However, for Peter & Cornelius, this was not an option.

I encourage you to listen in and see why following orders is vital to the growth of the Kingdom of Heaven and how each of us play a part in ensuring that those orders are followed by book, which we know as the Bible.

I feel as though this certainly should be one of those audio messages that each of us archives onto our favorite listening devices and listens to again and again.

I know my boots got tight during this message. However, there is a valuable message to be heard and taken from this amazing message that our pastor delivered from the pulpit of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

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