Building Your Ministry Site Better

Building Your Ministry Site Better

Anyone who has been involved with web development realizes that nothing stays the same for very long and it certainly is no different for churches and ministries who are using the Internet as a means of sharing their messages and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As technology in the way that the behind the scenes coding changes, it sometimes becomes necessary for us to re-evaluate how things appear on the site.

Many of you may have noticed that there has been changes to the site’s appearance. This is in part because we are building your ministry site better and to ensure that everything works on a variety of devices. Whether you are viewing the site from a PC or Mac or from you iPhone or Android powered device. This in of itself takes a bit of effort to ensure that everything appears correctly on those devices as well is fully operation from the menu all the way down to various contact forms located throughout the ministry website.

Moving With The Changes

So as time continues, you will slowly see changes to the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church. We ask for your patience and prayers as those are implemented. Just as a friendly reminder, the prayer wall that used to exist here on the website has been taken down for security purposes. However, you can join up with us on our new social network to submit prayer requests, praise reports or just share an item. Make sure and visit us on The Table get signed up to submit your prayer requests along with your praise reports. I am thrilled to announce that as of my last count here just a few minutes ago, we currently have 9 people enjoying the new social community. Are you one of them?

Audio Sermons Delayed

We are running a little behind on getting the audio sermons uploaded for your listening enjoyment. Due to the time constraints involved in a massive re-design project such as this, it may take us a couple of weeks to get everything caught back up and to speed. But rest assured, when it’s all said and done, you will truly appreciate the renovations and new technologies that have been put into place while we are busy building your ministry site better.