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Changing The Roads We Travel

What Got Us Here Yesterday, Won’t Get Us There Tomorrow

It should come as no surprise that how we experience various things in regards to how we communicate the Gospel message have changed over the past couple of years. What has worked in the past, will not work in the future. This is a pain point for many churches across the country, and one that we have taken grasp of here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

We have taken on new ways to share our recorded services, a brand new digital sign, new audio equipment, and the list goes on. All of which plays a vital role in how effective we are at delivering the Gospel message to both our current members as well as new visitors to our church.

In the digital world that we live in today, it all starts with the website. Recent studies have shown that nearly 90% of all new potential visitors will visit your church website before they ever step foot into your physical building. That is why we take a great deal of pride in making sure that our website delivers the information that a new visitor may come looking for.

We also rely heavily on various social media and video streaming accounts to play a vital role in this aspect. Having worked with churches in regards to technology for nearly three decades, I understand that are various aspects that not all churches agree with nor see the importance that each one play in helping a church to increase their outreach.

This is why you will usually see me asking for you to share our various photos, videos, and other content that may appear on our Facebook page.

What Do They See When They Visit?

It should go without saying that people pay close attention to what they see when they enter into your sanctuary. If your visual presentations are bland and lack life and presenting a clear message of what you are trying to communicate, they will by nature begin to discredit you. Again, this is an item that has been proven over time through various studies in what people expect when they arrive at a church for a worship service.

This is why we are making a move to new visual presentation software that will give us the creative freedom to truly deliver our visual presentations on Sunday morning’s both engaging and vibrant. With our most recent transitioning we will have access to over 60,000 still and motion graphics. In addition, we can pull directly from Logos Bible software to implement our pastor’s sermon notes directly into our slide presentations.

Needless to say, when you begin implementing new software there will always be some stumbling blocks and learning curves across the board. Your technology team will be working closely with each of those individuals who are responsible for the visual displays at church to help them master the tools that we are putting into place.

Increasing Our Team Size

Needless to say, with the push we are making to truly ramp up our digital communications, this is going to take more willing individuals to assist. Needless to say, we have several, however, we can certainly use more. We will be taking on more social media accounts and interactions, greater web content and our full digital communications through our new digital presentation software that people will be able to interact with from the comfort of their pew while visiting with CMBC.

I know it all seems overwhelming, however, this transition will ensure that Crow Mountain Baptist Church is pushing in the right direction to stay competitive with other churches across our community.

We realize it is about the Word that is ultimately the guide, however, if our church on the rock is going to make a larger impact on the millennial community, we are going to have to make continued strides in how effective we are in our digital communications.

Pushing The Digital Boundaries

As we continue our growth in our digital communications department, we will be seeking out new and creative ways to be able to stay in contact not only with our members but those who are looking for a new church to call home.

Believe me when I say this is a daunting task and one that cannot be handled by merely one person. This is going to take the collaborative effort of each individual who is a part of our digital team.

However, we are not going to limit these opportunities to merely those who are a part of the technology team. We would like to see a resounding growth in those who would like to participate on a volunteering basis.

There are always new things to learn and opportunities to pick up on skills that maybe you have had interests in but nobody to learn from. Great news, you have a digital expert in amongst you.

As we are quickly approaching the New Year, there are plenty of opportunities for Crow Mountain Baptist Church to truly increase our online presence as well as the way in which we choose to interact with both our members and new visitors.

As we’ve learned from studies within our Convention, it takes nearly 7 points of contact before a person decides to visit with us. However, it can’t stop there! One of the largest concerns I have heard individuals vocalize on over the years that have left churches is due to the lack of follow through and communication efforts.

We’ve just recently introduced our new texting ability to pass on critical and useful information to ensure that everyone stays up-to-date with various issues and events across the CMBC Community.

Plus, with the addition of our newest software, we will be able to have digital billboards to assist us with how effective our online communications are. Think of it as your own digital version of our bulletin that is handed out. Not only will people be able to still receive the paper version, however, now you will have one that will be available on an app on your mobile device.

Looking Into The Future

The future? Absolutely! Just because we are making huge strides in our technology department, this is certainly no time to slow down. This should be the very focal point for all churches to keep in stride with.

The world we live in today, the technology changes frequently and is always providing more ways for us to be able to communicate with the masses. It is up to us as a body to stay current with these technologies and to be able to apply them throughout the ministry of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

Other areas that we will be focusing on is better video recording equipment, electronic child check-in systems, and the ability to keep better track on each individual person and family unit. As with any new pieces of technology, these oftentimes a cost that is associated with them. This is something that we take into consideration before advancing into any new arena.

Yet, some of these will become necessary as they will significantly improve and enhance our abilities to better communicate with each individual person and family unit within the CMBC family.

Reaping The Rewards

While many people will frown on new technologies and added expenditures, there is a significant reward and one that cannot be ignored. That is the increase of the number of new members that are being added to our church. Immagine what it would be like to have to go into double services on a Sunday morning. While to some this may seem overwhelming, I personally rejoice in the thought as that would be conducive and proof positive of substantial growth to the CMBC family.

Remember, it’s not about where we have been and how we got there but rather where we are going and our willingness to take new paths to achieve the desired goal.

Be a part of what is exciting and new! Jump in and become a part of the technology team and learn how you can put your talents to work for Jesus. We have several opportunities in a variety of areas. Make sure and reach out to one of your tech team members to indicate your desire to become a part of the team.

We will have a meeting with you to determine what your skills currently are and where your interests are at to help you get busy in the right direction.


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