Looking For A Church Near Me

I was looking for a church near me, then I come across the wonderful people at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Finally, a church that believes in the Bible and the traditional family. The people here are uber friendly and made me and my family feel like their family immediately. 

We're Waiting For You To Visit

The search is over! You have found a family church near you that truly wants to love you like Jesus loves the church. 

A Family Oriented Church Near You

We're so excited that you have found us. We been waiting to hear from you. There's never been a better time for you to bring yourself and your family to visit with us here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. We're your local family church near you that has the heart of Jesus within each of our members.

The search is over, now you can feel comfortable in knowing that you have selected a church who believes in Jesus, stands upon God's Word, and lives by our core fundamental principles. Don't settle for less than what you expect. Visit with us and see for yourself and imerse yourself into a body of believers.

We're Bridging The Gap

Here at CMBC, we're building a bridge. It's a bridge to help our community have a smooth path to finding a family church near them to help them get planted into and start to become a valuable member of our church and our family. 

Bible Based

At Crow Mountain Baptist Church, we live our entire existence based upon the infallible word of God.

Security Oriented

At CMBC, we have an exhaustive amount of resources available to ensure your family's safety here.

Building Stronger Families

We provide you with the tools and resources that you need to build strong, Christ believing families.