Church Website Remodeling

Church Website Remodeling

A lot has changed since we initially took on the website design project from what it used to be. When it comes to church website remodeling, there is a lot of information that is compiled to determine in which direction we should move in. As many things have changed since the inception of the website many of you have come to know, Crow Mountain Baptist Church has experienced a huge growth in on our online presence.

As noted by the Arkansas Southern Baptist Convention during their visit, in which they made several recommendations, I am here to tell you that there are changes that need to be made to our visual appearance. Just within the past couple of months we have added live streaming of our Sunday Morning services. This has proven to be a huge success and many people have indicated their appreciation of it. Our ministry has been blessed over the past year with the expansion of our audio processing equipment, visual display software and updated computers to accommodate the needs of those items. After reviewing several of the top related church websites of the same denomination, we have decided it was time for a church website remodeling.

What To Expect In Our Expansion Project

We are going to be focusing of putting more of what people have been leaning towards on the website direction up front. Now you will see large graphics that make locating item’s quickly and easily. Plus it translates well onto mobile devices. This is key! Nearly 85% of all searches performed online today come from mobile devices, so it is crucial that our information be well view-able on those devices. It will require a bit of coding nightmare at various points in time, however, we will achieve the final polished results that will truly elevate Crow Mountain Baptist Church as a trusted online source of valuable information to assist people with making a commitment to accept Jesus or to those who are hurting and need a bit of comfort to help get them through. Think of it as the “Roman Road Online.”

We have already began making changes to the site that you will see even as the publishing of this article. The latest podcasts as well as several articles that appear upon the site are now up front. Plus we will be placing the latest Sunday Service on the front page, making easier for those who want to come back and watch a replay of it.

The CMBC Community Portal

Of course we all meet in church on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings or Wednesdays. However, there is always those special moments that we would like to be able to get together throughout the week for additional meetings. We will be working on implementing our very own virtual community upon our website. It will be much like Facebook but limited to those individuals who are registered to the site. Also, we will be working on establishing various online groups and Bible studies as well. This is not only for the benefit of the body at Crow Mountain Baptist Church, but for those who might not otherwise reach out to a local church. What a better way to open the doors of communication than by beginning to minister to those who are hurting online. Believe me, the numbers are staggering! Literally thousands of people, even within our own community, who are struggling and looking for a kind word of encouragement. Each of us can be that encouragement that they are looking for.

As with any other project, this will be an evolving and ongoing process and will go through several phases of split testing to determine what methods and designs are working best to communicate what is going on at CMBC. The one thing that I would like to stress and can’t stress enough is the willingness of people to step up to the plate and contribute articles. The articles we’re looking for are not the traditional Bible teachings. While these are fine, we are looking for people to share their own personal hopes, strengths and various things they have learned through their personal walk with Jesus. This is what people are looking to read.

The Power To Impact

I know there are several wonderfully talented people within our ministry who have the gift of sharing and loving people. What a better way than to provide an article of hope. I can remember many years ago when I started in any aspect of an online ministry, I always thought that what I had to say didn’t matter. It wasn’t until nearly 15 years after that, someone came up to me to advise me that it was because of one of my articles that prevented them from taking their own life. While I know it was Jesus, however, that truly went miles to bolster my confidence and made me see the significance to do more for those who were using the Internet as a way to find their way to Jesus.

You have that same power and talent. You know who you are! Get on board and let us provide you with the power and tools you need to truly share what could be that little nugget of information and hope to get them through what could be their very ending moment in life.