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Daniel Chapter 9

Daniel Chapter 9

Daniel Chapter 9

Daniel chapter 9 is a continuing series that the ladies have done in their Bible study. I encourage you to listen in as they further their discussion on Daniel Chapter 9 and even chase the occasional rabbit down a hole.

Very enlightening and educational series. All of them are available here on our website as well as Stitcher Radio and in the iTunes Store. Some of you may have heard Dawn give out her email address. We want to encourage you to leave comments or asks questions. Please do so in the post where the particular episode you listened too. In case you are listening on Stitcher Radio, here is the link. https://mycmbc.us/woman-to-woman-2/ and you find all of the ladies podcast there.

Make sure and share the joy of these amazing Bible studies that have been made available for your listening and learning pleasure. Please share them with a friend or a colleague. You never know whose life you may impact by doing so.

So without further waiting, let’s dig into today’s lesson from Daniel Chapter 9.

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