Exciting Ministry Possibility At CMBC

Another Exciting Ministry Possibility At CMBC

You read it right. We are indeed exploring another exciting ministry possibility at CMBC.

How many of you currently listen to K-Love? Can you imagine if our ministry could deliver its own radio broadcast?

For some, this may seem out of reach. Most will automatically think about a full-scale radio studio. However, the Internet has truly brought us into new and exciting possibilities.

Now CMBC can have its very own branded version radio station to air both amazing Christian music as well as a variety of teaching programs that we can make available.

In addition, not only would people be able to listen via the Internet, if we take the right approach, we would even have our own branded app for mobile devices that people would be able to download and receive all of the programming that we being delivered by our body of believers.

Open The Flood Gates

Just like our pastor preached this morning, we truly do have a mission field that is ripe for the picking.

Crow Mountain Baptist Church has so many wonderful and gifted people who have the ability to teach, discuss, and make the Bible a truly unique and amazing learning experience.

Why wouldn’t we want to share that with our members as well as the rest of our community and the world.

Ok, So Break It Down For Us

Obviously, just like anything else, there is always a cost that is associated to us expanding our outreach. While it is nowhere close to what you may be thinking, it does costs. We are looking at approximately $4000. While we are not looking to see out money from the church budget, this would mean that it would be on a love basis. People would have to commit to donating specifically to this mission to bring it to fruition.

It is time to open up the flood gates and release the Gospel message in a new and expanded possibility. Sure, there are other Christian radio stations in our area, but taking this approach allows us to deliver content that we desire to be heard.

Your Chance To Volunteer

Who doesn’t love to get involved? Here is the chance for people to become engaged with the expanding ministry possibilities that are increasing as we move forward.

Needless to say, this will require a core team of individuals who can assist in running the studio, which would be located at the church, as well as people who may love to share the Gospel Message in a new and dynamic fashion.

I know that we have a tremendous amount of people who have been looking for a niche area to serve where they can truly shine and bring Jesus to light for thousands.

Some of the ideas that have been brainstormed may even include having a call-in-show for teens on Friday nights. With the world that our teens live in currently, can you imaging the possibility that would exist in being able to minister in live-time with our local community.

Well it is all possible. That and so much more.

Expanding Beyond Our Doors

It is opportunities just like this that will give the power of CMBC to expand even further into our community. Take into consideration the vast amount of talent that exists within our church. Can you envision the possibilities that exists?

Believe me, it is larger than life and can truly take Crow Mountain Baptist Church beyond anything that has been discussed in the way of creative missions.

Here it is!

Share your thoughts with us on this blog post. We would love to hear from each of you to get some feedback on this idea! Remember, it is just an idea and something that we can move on if enough people provide their support of it!