Going To Church Camp

Going To Church Camp – Why It Makes A Difference

Listen in as the Associational Missionary, Bro. Danny Green, for the Arkansas River Valley Baptist Association, delivers a powerful message on why church camp is so important and what it means for the church, even in today’s times.

While this message was certainly focused on our church this morning as our campers and volunteers prepare to depart in the morning for church camp, I feel this is a message that can cross over denominational lines.

Take time to learn the value in both church camp, as well as VBS as many churches across the Arkansas River Valley area, prepare for both church camp and VBS.

While we faced some challenges this morning with our AC, we were able to make it through with some portable fans. Fortunately, I was able to edit most of the sounds out.

So, if you had a difficult time this morning in hearing this message, I encourage you to find your quiet spot and plug in your headphones to your favorite listening device as you immerse yourself into this powerful message.



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