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Help, We’re Surrounded

Help, We’re Surrounded

Help, we’re surrounded! The enemy is all around us….

How many movies have you heard this statement in? It’s no different in the life of a Christian. The enemy is everywhere! But wait, there is a way to defeat the enemy and to be able to stand solid on the ground you are upon.

There’s no special magic, no special tools, no waiting for the mortar shells to save you! All it takes is prayer!

Prayer is the ultimate weapon we have given to us to defeat Satan and his attacks upon our lives.

The Danger Is Real

Whether at work, in a grocery store and, yes, even at church sometimes you can have enemies that surround you! However, when you stay steadfast in prayer, you can throw these enemies off from you with ease.

Listen in to this amazing and powerful message from Crow Mountain Baptist Church titled “Help, We’re Surrounded.” This message was delivered on Sunday prior to Memorial Day!

What an amazing message to celebrate those who had given their life to preserve our liberties and freedoms.

Allow me to apologize for not getting the sermons up as quick as I can record them. I have had a lot on my plate and hopefully soon, I can resume a normal schedule in order to get all of the amazing sermons that are delivered from the pulpit at CMBC back online and on track again.

Keep me in your prayers as I do so!

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