How To Delight God

How many of you have ever wondered or asked how you could delight God? Now you can learn exactly what it is. In short, God delights when we spend time with Him in prayer. Listen in to this amazing audio sermon titled “How To Delight God.”

We all know that each of us could certainly spend more time in prayer. In prayer doesn’t equate to at meal times only or a 3 minute quick fix to your life.

Do you really expect to fix everything that is wrong in your life, when you are only willing to give Him 2 minutes a day of your time?

How many of you remember when you were children and Christmas was close by? Do you remember doing anything your parents asked you to do without grumbling, or maybe you done things you normally wouldn’t have done without them asking. This is exactly how most of us treat God.

If you want to experience better results in your life, maybe try giving Him more time by going to him in prayer.

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