Live Feed Video Enhancements

Live Feed Video Enhancements

We’ve seen tremendous growth in the viewership of our live video feeds. Now we must look into adding to our live feed video enhancements.

Our little church on the mountain has seen substantial traffic to our weekly live broadcasts. Now the time has come to take it to the next stage. Just like anything else, there is always going to be the financial aspect of it.

What Will The Live Feed Video Enhancements Offer?

That is a really great question. Let’s take a brief moment to examine what making these improvements will offer.

  1. Improved video feed & stream
  2. Added improvement to the audio quality
  3. Enable viewing direct from website a possibility for those who may not be connected via Facebook
  4. Remove any camera personnel from the aisleways or front-side of stage

Now for some, this is not seen as an issue. However, let me address this now. Removing physical bodies from the view of the equipment is something that any church focuses upon. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy viewing the service without having the cameramanĀ in direct view.

Audio Enhancements

Our live feed video enhancements will bring a greater level of improvement to the audio that is heard on our video streams. If you have gone back and listened to any of the video’s that we currently have on Facebook, you’ll notice that the audio is less than admirable.

Taking the video feed to the next level will dramatically provide a better listening experience for those who are watching us. We deliver a big God to our viewers, we must make sure that they are able to enjoy every aspect of our service.

I have already contacted a company about acquiring the necessary hardware that would be necessary to facilitate this kind of upscaling. It’s merely a matter of the church seeing the value that this will add to both our website as well as our outreach capabilities.

Other Upgrades Being Looked Into

Many of you know that we purchased several wireless headsets to be used by those who have a difficult time in hearing the service live at CMBC. After having those headsets in place, it has been brought to your technology team’s attention that those may not be the best fit for individuals who currently wear a hearing device.

Great news! We have a solution available for that as well.

Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of the T-Looping system and what it involves.



So there you have it in a nutshell. We will hopefully be presenting all of these major enhancements in the upcoming business meeting in January.

Be thinking of the major advancements that we have been able to achieve at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Now is the right time to take steps forward that will permit us to take our technology to the next level.