Looking For Christmas

Where are you looking for Christmas this year? I certainly remember growing up as a child all of the excitement that would build as it became closer to Christmas.

All of the wonderful smells coming from my mother’s kitchen, seeing all of the lights aglow, and a few presents under the Christmas tree.

I even remember being tempted to shake a few of the boxes from time-to-time that were under the tree, however, for fear of getting caught I decided to leave them alone.

Who remembers being disappointed when one of the bigger boxes didn’t contain what you were hoping for?

I do!

Many decades have passed since I was a child and remembering back to the day of Christmas presents.

Now I reflect upon what has to be the greatest gift of all times, the Salvation and freedom that is found by having a personal relationship with Jesus.

You see, many are looking for Christmas in all of the wrong places. It’s not about the presents, or even found within people.

It’s about the birth of a living Lord & Saviour whose name is Jesus.

Listen in to this past Sunday’s amazing and powerful message delivered from the pulpit of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

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