Opening The Door – Your Ministry Outreach

Opening The Doors

As many of you are well aware of, there has been a massive undertaking of new and exciting development here on the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.  We have made a great deal of progression over the past 3 weeks.  That being said, there is still an enormous amount of things that need to be developed to continue on the path of achievement that has been set forth for the ministry website.

For those who may not keep up-to-date or maybe even taken time to visit the ministry website, there has been an amazing overhaul to our new private social networking community.  You can now interact with one another, upload and share photos as well as your favorite video from YouTube or Vimeo to your own social networking wall.  We have made it so you can tailor your social wall to the way you want things laid out.  While I can site here and talk about this for hours, the best way for you to see what’s new is by registering on the website and seeing for yourself.


I would like to clear up that there is a difference between signing up to receive the upcoming email newsletter from CMBC versus registering to be a user on the ministry website here at CMBC.  There is a specific page to register on, which the link was provided in the previous paragraph.  In regards to registering on the ministry website of CMBC, you will notice that there are questions on that registration form which are required in order to complete the process.  This is to ensure that we know we are only registering real people and not those who are spam bots or merely trying to spread unwanted advertisements across the ministry website.

This is much for your protection as well as that of the Crow Mountain Baptist Church website.

Future Expansions

In the immediate near future, we will also be including the audio ministry of Bro. Bill Cloninger on the website in addition to the audio sermons from our pastor.  So you will want to keep an eye out for that.  We will be uploading his audio sessions as a separate broadcast on here for your listening enjoyment.  So for those who have listened to Bro. Bill on one of the local radio stations here in Russellville, you will now be able to listen directly from the CMBC website.

Also, I will be working on adding the ability for those who are teachers throughout the CMBC ministry the ability to present the classes online and even offer quizzes and other neat items.  This will truly add a great feature and capability to extend our ministry to those who may not be able to make one of the services here at CMBC either because of work schedules, transportation issues or possibly they are unable to physically attend.

Whatever the reason, we are opening new ministry doors of opportunity here at CMBC and this is only the beginning.  There are more great things to come in the near future and we are just getting a start on them.

Calendar of Events

I was able to get to work with Sheila on how to add new item’s the the church’s calendar.  So you will want to be sure and check on it from time to time as she begins adding new item’s to be displayed to keep each of you up-to-date with the latest events happening at CMBC.  Also, did you know you can subscribe to the calendar as well?  That’s right, you choose your favorite provider such Google, Outlook or an Apple device.  Whatever your choice, we have made keeping up with the calendar of events at CMBC easy.  If you subscribe to the calendar via your favorite provider, every time a new event is added you will see it on the calendar you use.  You can also choose to add reminders about specific events once they appear.  Whatever you choose, we make it easy for you to stay connected to the events at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

What Are Your Idea’s?

While we have taken a great deal of time to place a lot of information, tools, and creative ways for each of you to both participate and engage in, we certainly are interested in hearing what you may be looking for.  What will truly make the ministry website of CMBC stand out and keep you coming back time and time again?  What will cause you to share things from the ministry website across your favorite social media platforms?  Providing these things will help us create and provide a better website experience for both you and our visitors throughout our community and around the world.  It’s your website, make it what you want it!  Leave your comments and suggestions below.