reaching millennials for Jesus
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Reaching Millennials for Jesus

Reaching Millennials for Jesus

If we are going to have an effective outreach that involves reaching millennials for Jesus, we are going to have to examine some of the areas of where they are apt to hang out. In an earlier article I had written, I had discussed the importance of why churches needed to have a presence on social networking channels. Most of us are aware of the older models such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But now there are even newer models that more millennials are prone to be utilizing. Now there are new social channels such as Merekat and Periscope. These are apps that people can download to their phones and allows them to upload video and stream if live for people to see.

The millennials of today are always seeking out new and creative ways of sharing their content with both their friends and other users.

Reaching millennials for Jesus is going to require that the older members of the church become a little more tech savvy. It’s no hidden secret that the older generation is not going to be here forever. That means that we need to be taking a look at how we can attract the younger generation to churches. Here’s where a big problem exist. Many of the millennials as we know it have been for the most part, scared to attend a local church. This is primarily because of many of the things that have been discussed throughout many denominations. Such things as stereotyping, criticism, judging and the list goes on.

The other large area where many churches are missing out is the fact that there is no meat (articles) being published for the millennial group to read from. This material provides them with reaching millennials for Jesuscontextual content that permits them to establish a level of trust with the local body. Believe me, statistics show that people are going to check you out online before they ever step foot into your sanctuary. It certainly is no different when you are working on a outreach program that is reaching millennials for Jesus.

You’ve Missed The Money

Did I forget to say that many millennials are more comfortable with giving their money online? While many see financial transactions online as being evil or even dangerous, for those of us and especially the millennial group who are comfortable purchasing online, this is an easy way for us to give to where we want our money to go. So, why is it that many churches are not collecting any money from this particular group? It’s simple, they’ve never asked them! It’s almost too simple to be true!

Many churches have begun to utilize technology to collect money via card collection points, or even online giving portals. Think about this for just a brief moment. With the introduction of debit cards, exactly how many people carry cash on them? I know that we don’t. However, we do have our debit cards with us. Now think about how much more your church could be collecting if you would expand your options to receive more money in your collection plates, whether virtual or real.

Why The Physical Church Is On The Decline

Churches of all denominations across the country are starting to see a significant decline in their attendance and specifically with the younger generation. Usually what happens when this event takes place is that people want to blame young people for not engaging. Here’s the reality of the issue. It’s not the Gospel Message that is broken, it is the way in which we choose to deliver it and interact with a generation who is more mobile than any other generation of our lifetime.

Churches as a whole seem to be stuck on using the same strategies and systems. Sadly though, many of these are broken. We can’t continue to rely upon methodologies that are proven not to work or for a lack of better words are dead. At no moment in time has it become more important for us to step out and begin to look at new methods and technologies that will permit us to develop outreach ministries for reaching millennials for Jesus.

Shake The Rafters

Okay, let’s truly strike some nerves out there. People, I’m almost sure somewhere in the Bible I have read about where it says about making a joyful noise unto The Lord (Psalm 98:4) So why is this such an issue. Have you wondered why other denominations and other church plants are thriving while others are falling apart and even teetering on the brink of death? It’s because the lack of music that drives true spirit filled worship. I know many of us across denominations throughout America have become so stuck on getting out of church at a certain time to beat the other crowds to the local buffet. Can you imagine having a praise and worship service so strong that it lasted as long as what your normal service did?

And let’s talk about the music. It’s not going to happen with dead, slow fall asleep hymnals. While there certainly is a time and place for these, however, again if you are looking to attract a younger crowd into your church, you better focus on livening it up on the stage and bringing forth some music that will shake the rafters. Now for the older generation, don’t be so quick to judge. I have sat at plenty of concerts during Winter Jam that has some of today’s popular contemporary Christian artist’s and folks who are well into their 7o’s are up on their feet and breaking it down for Jesus.

Why aren’t we seeing more of this in sanctuaries? It’s time to get unstuck from the traditional and start getting on the fast track of stepping it up in our music departments. Whether you are using a live band or even recorded music with a few people who are leading your congregation.

You want to see a true revival in your church? Start with your music department. And I’m just going to throw this in there for good measure and purpose. If there are those who object, I encourage that you sit them to the side. Because if they’re not a part of the mix-up to get things rolling, chances are they will certainly be a part of the problem that leads to the death of the local churches.

Reaching Millennials for Jesus – Keep It Real

If there is one thing you need to understand about the millennial group is that they can see through the smoke screen. Keep it real. They don’t want to hear a bunch of hype. They want the truth! Another thing that many denominations are missing and they are missing it on a large scale. Millennials are not about denomination ties, they are about ties to Jesus. So if you are trying to sell your denomination, save it! They don’t want to be sold another denomination or a big sales pitch. They want to hear the pitch about Jesus.

So what do churches across America need to do? Simple! Liven it up, minimize the smoke screens, save the sales pitch on denomination and provide better methods of how you communicate with them and interact with them. Trust me when I say, when you begin to realize this, the sooner you will start to see your sanctuaries fill up with more younger people. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this group is highly motivated and will truly step-up their A game to help you expand your ministry. At the end of the day, exactly what do you have to loose? Nothing. But you do have everything to gain if you are willing to change your ministry outreach in reaching millennials for Jesus.

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