Serve at CMBC

At Crow Mountain Baptist Church everyone has a hand in serving both the church and our community.

Go ahead and throw your hand in and learn how you can serve here at our church and become a vital part of spreading the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to our community and around the world.

serve in music

Worship Team

If you are a member of Crow Mountain Baptist Church and have an ear for music, and even more important if you want to share your talents with Jesus and our church, then we encourage you to reach out to our music director for more information on how you can be a part of our Sunday Morning Worship Team.

Be a part of what starts the entire congregation in the right direction and setting the mood of the Holy Spirit to fill each of us.

Make A Joyful Noise

serve in the children's ministry at CMBC

Children’s Ministry

As a part of our children’s ministry here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church, you will play a vital role in introducing children to the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. You will play a vital role in mentoring and shaping their lives in how to live and walk a Godly life by the example that you illustrate.

We provide you with the Bible-centered curriculum that you will need to be a successful part of the children’s ministry here at CMBC.


Lead A Child To Jesus

Service at CMBC

Welcome & Hospitality


Everyone has a first Sunday at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Become a part of the team that welcomes each new person or family into our church home. Remember, first appearance and experience are everything when it comes to someone making a decision in choosing a new church home for their family.

Be a part of what makes CMBC uniquely different from any other church in the River Valley Region. Become a vital part in what helps to grow our church and truly let your light shine.


Be A Growth Factor

Just like plants in the garden, everything requires the correct amount of watering and nurturing to ensure successful growth.

You can be the watering vesel that makes it happen in someones life.