Sharing – Audio Sermon From CMBC 8/20/17

Sharing – Are We Sharing The Love of Jesus

Sharing is a way of life today. We share things across a variety of social networking platforms.

Whether that be on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of others. However, are we sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ with those that we come in contact with the most?

I encourage you to take time to listen in to the audio sermon from CMBC on 8/20/17 titled “Sharing.”

Sharing Is Our Call

Each of us are supposed to be sharing the love of Jesus everywhere we go and in everything we do on a daily basis.

Take time an listen in to this power audio sermon from the pulpit of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

Please help us spread the good news of Jesus by taking time to share this audio sermon with a friend or family member.

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