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It’s live, it’s working and it’s waiting on you!

The majority of the features that we have been looking to establish and have fully functioning on the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church are now working.  After nearly a month of testing, re-writing codes and ensuring that each of the items would function to their desired levels has been a challenge.  However, God has seen my through this project that we are ready to launch it so that you can begin to take full advantage of the amazing features that our ministry website has to offer here at CMBC.

Some of The Amazing Features on CMBC’s Website….

Prayer Request’s

We all know someone who needs a little extra prayer to help them through whatever it is they may be going through.  Now you can submit your prayer request(s) directly to the ministry website.

The prayer request’s that you submit will appear on the church’s “Prayer Wall.” This will provide the opportunity for those who visit our prayer wall to actually indicated they have prayed for any of the prayer requests that exist.  Give it a try now and see for yourself.

Our New Social Community

This is one of the features and elements that I have been working on diligently.  Now those who sign-up on the ministry website of CMBC will actually have their very own virtual private community.  If you visit the church’s “Community Activity Page” you will begin to see new members who have signed up the the website.  As you can see I am already a member.  It will show a brief description about yourself.  However, the most important feature is that nobody can click on the “View Profile” button and actually see it without being logged into the ministry website.  All membership requests must be manually approved and their are certain fields which are required during the registration process to ensure that we do not receive people trying to signup via any spam bots.  This is for your protection.

Fully Customizable

Have you ever wished that you could drag and drop certain elements of your social networking wall the way you would like for them to appear?  Well on our network you can!  It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the available modules that I have created.  Make it your own.  You decide what appears on your new profile page at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

There will be more available options coming soon as I continue to the development of the ministry website of CMBC. [popup title=”View Image Here” padding=”0″ button=”0″][image src=”” width=”875″ height=”450″ align=”center” caption=”Your CMBC Profile Page” link=”” link_image=”” target=”” alt=”” border=”0″ greyscale=”0″ animate=””][/popup]

You will want to sign up right away and begin to experience what a true ministry social networking site was meant to be.


Here in the immediate near future, Crow Mountain Baptist Church will begin sending out their monthly newsletter via email.  Once you sign up to the ministry website, you will be automatically enrolled to receive this dynamic piece of information directly to your email inbox.  Keep up-to-date with all of the latest events happening at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

It’s all for you and your invited guest at the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

Share Encouraging Articles

That’s right!  Now you will be able to begin sharing your articles of faith, inspiration, and encouragement.  A ministry website is only as good as the content that is provided to those who are outside of this ministry.  The entire goal of the ministry website at CMBC is to provide real and positive information and articles to the world around us who is looking for answers to some of life’s most challenging questions.

Be a part of the ministry efforts in providing answers to those questions.  You will be able to post articles directly from your newly created social networking account here on the ministry website of CMBC.  I will be working on video tutorials as time permits so that you can have a full understanding of how to perform various functions both to your profile as well as.  The most important thing is to get started right away and create your account.  I’ll be looking forward to having my inbox load up with new account registrations here on CMBC.