Sounding Off
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Sounding Off

Let’s Sound Off Together

What’s the best way to make a joyful noise unto Jesus? You guessed it, you put some amazing music and singing through a digital mixing board and crank it up. Well, after a day spent in the sanctuary my wife and Josh Tankersly, we set up a brand new unit that will deliver sound like never before to our amazing CMBC family.

What’s So Exciting About That?

Glad you asked! Let’s talk about sounding off together and what our new mixing board and recording software will enable us to do. Before we were using an analog mixer. This basically threw everything into one channel when trying to record. Not a good day when trying to reproduce and mix down and kind of music nor audio sermons.

Now that we have moved into the digital millennium, we can now have each channel recorded independently through the amazing software that came with it. So when it comes time to perform a master mix down of that audio, we will be able to process and re-master each channel independently. Thus resulting in amazing audio when listening to it online.

Further Down The Road

As we begin to refine our recording processes in the sanctuary of CMBC, we will then be looking forward to being able to record singers, bands and a host of other options that will open up as our technology continues to increase.

So when you arrive in church this up and coming Sunday, you will experience a total new sound. The goal of your technology team is to ensure that every part of the ministry you experience at Crow Mountain Baptist Church delivers exactly what you expected.

Lights, Camera, Action

You guessed it, down the road as finances and additional team members to assist, we will be looking at live streaming our Sunday morning services across the Internet.

This is a huge financial investment and will require equipment that will support that as well. Everything form studio grade video cameras, video switching boards and a team of additional volunteers who are willing to jump into the digital millennium with us and take the ministry of Crow Mountain Baptist Church well into the next century.

Imagine if you were unable to physically attend, particularly if it was for a special service or event. With live “On Demand” streaming options, you would never have to worry about missing another service. Whether you were physically present or not.

Expanding The Outreach

It should come as no surprise that the Internet and the advancement in technology certainly has allowed us to accomplish things that were not possible before. As with any ministry at Crow Mountain Baptist Church, it’s all about communicating the amazing grace of Jesus and the Gospel Message.

As you know, we already post the sermon audio online. We also have a couple more podcasts that are recorded and produced for your listening enjoyment. In the future, we will be reaching out to various other entities such as local radio stations to see if they may be interested in carrying the pre-recorded audio to incorporate into their programming.

Imagine the possibilities of bringing the Gospel Message to the entire River Valley area and all coming from CMBC. What an achievement that would be.

Well, that’s exactly our goal. With ¬†your help and continued prayers, we will continue to make strides in how we are able to deliver amazing content whether in audio or video format.

Make no mistake, we are truly examining every possible avenue that we can that will help CMBC reach more people and bring them to Jesus.

We Need Your Help

As this aspect of the ministry at Crow Mountain Baptist Church continues to grow, it will certainly require additional assistance. This by no means is a one person situation. In fact it will require a team of at least 15 committed individuals who share the same vision as your technology team does. We need to make sure that we have people who are on fire and super charged and ready to jump in and learn along the way.

If you are that person, please reach out and either Greg Hyatt or Josh Tankersly for even more information.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you celebrating with us in Praise to a risen and living King this Sunday!

Make sure and share the great news of what’s new and going on within your church!



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