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You may be asking what leads to people becoming stressed church communicators. It’s actually pretty simple. For many people who serve in a variety of communications departments or web based information, the daily drudge of getting material online as quick as it needs to be can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and very under appreciated to say the least. The nearly 85 various friends I have who are busy in the same line for the various churches all express the same symptoms of the stressed church communicators.

Believe, me each of us enjoy what we do. We love coming up with new ideas on how to make the ministry websites, social media campaigns or other online material as engaging as possible. However, there comes a time when we hit that wall. We get stuck in a creative rut, so to speak.

What Can You Do?

So what can you do to help your stressed church communicators? It’s pretty simple. Go up to them and tell them you appreciate what they do. Even though they may be silent in your church or maybe you don’t even know who they are, they do play a vital role in making sure that the things you enjoy online are there when you want them and are constantly looking for new and engaging ways to draw more people into your various ministries.

But I’m Confused

Some folks just don’t get it and that’s okay. Many who are not involved with church communications in whatever form it arrives in, just don’t have a large grasp on what it takes to produce and continue delivering the content that it is you enjoy. They don’t understand what happens in the background and certainly behind the scenes. There are times when I have even thought of creating a video of me editing the sermon audio in its full length just so people could see for themselves the amount of time that is involved. I know the many other church communicators I talk to around the country, have shared the same sentiments. It’s not that we don’t love what we do. It’s not that we don’t want to communicate the Gospel message. It’s because oftentimes we are one-man-bands and have a lot on our plates to deliver in a minimal amount of time.

Keeping It Focused

stressed church communicators

We’re responsible for keeping things on ministry websites in check. We’re responsible for keeping things in focus. Keeping things in focus certainly can get complicated along the way. Keep in mind, more and more people are online than any other point in time in our society. As I have shared before as do many other church communicators across the country, we realize that people are going to visit your church online before they ever step foot through the door.

I recently shared this conversation with a wonderful lady in our church today. Think about this for just a second. What is the one question you think people are thinking of when they are visiting a website? it’s “what’s in it for me.” We must communicate in a clear and effective way that provides them with the information that drives them to want to visit us in person. We must provide them with material that delivers answers to the situations they are going through in life. We must provide them with the ultimate goal and that is turning their life over to Jesus. But it’s going to take more than a few pretty pictures and the standard “come and visit with us, we love Jesus.” I would like to think that all churches share that value. But is it enough to keep people engaged with with your ministry?

It Goes Beyond The Usual

We see it across the board. You know, churches that are sharing their sermon audio streams, upcoming events and other items. But is that what we should be focusing on? I want each of you to think outside of the box for just a minute. I am going to go back to an article that I wrote on my personal ministry website. It’s about what we as a church or ministry do in capturing our audience. What is the one thing that causes you to share something on any of the social media networks? It is an image? Is it an interesting article? Is it a picture? There’s a variety of reasons why people choose to share things across their social networking platforms. That being said, there’s also a great deal of data and reports that are available to suggest that ministries who provide engaging articles and content draw more visitors to their websites than those who don’t.

It’s Takes Work

The things that go on behind the scenes take work. They take time and believe it or not it takes a great deal of strategic planning. Look I realize there are a vast number of older people within churches around the country. And many of them may not be interested in what happens on social media channels. But you should be. Because it’s where you are going to be able to effectively reach the most amount of people across the web at one time.

However, these things to not just fall out of the sky! They actually take work, they take time and they take effective planning. It’s not just enough to write an article, post sermon audio or upload a photo here and there. It’s about church communicators being able to learn from the metrics across their social networks or their ministry websites as to when people are actively engaging with them. This provides us with with information that allows us to reach more people.

Get Engaged

socially engaged

So how can you help your stressed church communicators? It’s simple! Get engaged with the material they are providing to you. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or directly on your church or ministry website. Leave comments. Comments are the blessings that flow from heaven for those who are in church communications arenas. This helps to reaffirm your church communicators that their job is being done. It’s not going to the wayside and nobody recognizing the efforts that go into it.

Share the work they provide. Talk about a super sized spiritual high, that’s the ultimate way. Each of us spend a vast amount of time on various social media outlets, but how much of that time are we sharing things from our own ministries? Sure we share the usual “Share if you love Jesus” picture that populate social medial walls around the world. While that is all good, how much of the content that appears on your ministry website are you sharing?

While I’m talking about getting engaged. It takes more than one person to provide content that will be found useful on any ministry website. I’m going to take us back to social networking for a minute. But I want you to think for just a second. How much negative things to do you see on your social network feeds. And yes we all complain about it. That being said, how many of us are actually providing helpful articles that can be shared to help those who are struggling with various things in life?

Each of us is charged and commanded to share the Gospel message. Each of us are responsible to reach out the hurting and lost. Many churches and ministries across America are now online in one form or another. Why aren’t more people digging into the trenches and writing articles that can speak to the hurt and issues that people are dealing with? It has to be more than just your pastors who are doing it.

You Can Make An Impact

Help take the burden off of the shoulders of your stressed church communicators and offer to get involved. Find out how you can start writing articles that can be shared across the various online resources that your ministry or church may have. Think about the life of someone you just may forever change. No it doesn’t have to be the usual apologetic or seminary styled articles. Articles that come from the heart are the ones that make a difference. Your stressed church communicators already know this. I am going to utilize myself as the example, I perform regular metrics and evaluations on our ministry website to determine its reach. How many people are we reaching? How many people are we reaching within our own local communities.

Now this is all stats that I collect through various tools courtesy of Google. However, they provide me real-time information on how well our ministry website is performing. But the true measurement is in terms of how many people are walking through the doors of any church and exclaiming how they found us via the website.

So my hope for all stressed church communicators is that they are able to extend their team and begin to gather new people who will see the value of how important their ministry website is and to start to deliver engaging content.

Share With Us

Are you one of those stressed church communicators? Share with us what you think would work in providing more engaging content on your ministry website or social networking channels. Tell us what you have been doing to increase the amount of content that you are sharing and how it is impacting the lives of those you are reaching.

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