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Exploring Technology For Churches

Let’s take a look at using technology for churches and how it can effectively increase your outreach capabilities in today’s digital world.

You don’t have to look very far to realize that nearly everyone you see or come in contact with has a mobile device close by. With social media taking off like never before and improvements to mobile devices, people rely more on their phones to connect with technology than nearly any other device.

Long gone are the days of being stuck in front of a desktop or even a laptop. With the ability to connect in various forms and fashions, the power of effective communication is fastly turning to the usage of smartphones.

As a consultant for churches who are looking to expand their ministries, one of the largest battles I have to deal with is the usage of various forms of social networking.

However, proven studies have shown that more people are reached through various social networking streams than any other form of communication available in today’s modern world.

Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or even SnapChat there are countless ways that you can dramatically increase your outreach capabilities by using any one of these social networking platforms.

However, as we continue the evolution of using technology for churches, there is a bigger question to ask and that is whether or not you are using them to the fullest potential that will have the greatest level of impact on your evangelical outreach.

Facebook Live Followups

If you’re a pastor, youth director, or another staff member of a church, using Facebook Live to embrace your members is an awesome and highly effective way to increase your outreach.

In regards to using Facebook Live, I highly encourage that you do so from your church’s Facebook Page as opposed to your personal Facebook account if you have one.

Have you ever thought of using Facebook Live to maybe provide afterthoughts on your Sunday Morning sermons?

May you could be using Facebook Live for a live question and answer session. There are literally hundreds of ways that you can use Facebook Live video to take your ministry in a variety of directions that will assist you with the growth and effective ministerial impact upon your congregants.

Share An Event

I don’t know of any church that doesn’t have a calendar that is jam-packed with events of various kinds. However, who besides your members actually knows what happens at these events?

Sure, I see people uploading pictures which is nice, however, in today’s digital world, videos have a greater level of impact. In addition, it provides those who may not have attended these events to get an insiders view of what takes place.

Now you’ve just opened up the door of possibilities to those who may have never been to your event and can now make a decision as to whether or not they would like to attend them.

Let’s not get into the habit of using excuses as to why we don’t share these events with everyone. Instead, let’s embrace the opportunity for the more people to see exactly what is happening within your ministry.

This is especially valuable for those who have various children’s and kid’s ministries. When potential visitors to these events can actually see what happens during them, they can actually make an educated decision as to whether or not they would like for their children to attend these events.

I know for a fact that we have a lot of people within our congregation that are on Facebook. Why not start using it to share your personal ministry talents with those whom you would like to invite to any given event. Believe me, once people can actually see what is going on within our church, the greater impact we will have to increase the number of people that are joined up with the CMBC family.

Here’s A Quick Video Tutorial On-Going Live On Facebook

Well as with anything technology related, there is always the remote chance something will go wrong. For my video illustration, it wouldn’t cooperate in allowing the audio to come across with the video.

So, let’s look at another option of learning how to shoot a Facebook Live video event.

First, open up your Facebook application on your phone. The click on the little icon that looks like a video camera where you would normally create a post.

This will then indicate that you are about to go live. You can switch between your back and front camera by using the icon that resembles a camera. This will control which way your camera is pointing. Now in the event, if you are doing a like a teaching, you quite possibly will want to use the rear catching camera. For those who have taken a selfie with their phones, this is the camera that normally faces you when you are looking at the screen of your phone.

If you are shooting an event, then you more than likely will want to utilize the front camera. This is the one that is on the opposite side of your phone.

What Are Other Forms of Technology For Churches?

We realize that not everyone is on Facebook. However, there are other social networking sites that you can create amazing ministry opportunities with.

What about Pinterest or Instagram?

While not quite as popular as Facebook, they do have a particular type of individual who enjoys using these social networking streams.

It’s not about which one you use as much as whether or not you’re using them at all.

We are only limited by our outreach by how we limit ourselves in using what technology that each of us has immediate access to.

What If I Don’t Participate In Social Media?

I know for a fact that there are those who do not engage in social networking. However, there are plenty of people who have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with both our members and the world.

So how can you do that? Simple, ask Greg Hyatt to add you as an author on the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church so you can start writing ministry articles.

What’s even better, is when you write an article, it automatically is shared to the Church’s Facebook Page. Thus allowing you to share your articles on the social networking platforms that we utilize in our ministry.

Why Is Technology For Churches Important?

It should come as no surprise that everyone who is even thinking of visiting your church, is going to check you online prior to stepping foot through the doors of your church.

What we have to offer either upon our main ministry website or through the various social networking streams provides a great deal of information and hopefully that which will encourage a person to take the next step, which is visiting with us.

I know you have heard people make reference to “The First Impression Is The Most Important.”

The way people are able to interact with us, whether it be here on our ministry website, our Facebook page or our YouTube channel is perimont.

By “you” sharing the various pieces of information such as our morning worship services, photos, events and other item’s that we share increases the amount of impact that we can have not only within our community but around the world.

So, in essence, everyone can play a vital role, whether directly or indirectly in how we communicate what is happening within the ministry of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

Wait, We Have A Tech Team!

Why yes you do! However, we can only be in one place at a time. As with any ministry, there are always several events that may be taking place on any given Sunday morning. Whether that be our various Sunday School classes, group studies, teens, or adult ministries.

We are going to rely on various members to start helping in what we share to our social networking platforms. Each person can play a vital role in helping to share what a new person might experience while visiting with us.

Thus resulting in them being able to make a decision to become a permanent part of the CMBC family.

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