Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed in our media and audio production team at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. For those who have been in attendance during any of our services over the past month realize we are growing in our areas of technology. While there have been some stumbling blocks along the way, I think we have made significant advancements in how we deliver our audio and slide presentations. With the recent purchase of a new 21st century digital mixing board and the most recent of our Mac and Presentation software, we are now truly able to take how we communicate into entirely new areas.

However, this doesn’t occur with just a couple of people always at the helm. It requires a team of ¬†individuals who are willing to work together in sharing the vast amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. It’s about performing tasks that will enhance our worship services and truly deliver and impact that will bring more and more people to worship with us.

The Under Appreciated

I will tell you up front, our technology team can often times go without encouraging words and from time to time, we are the brunt of criticism. However, think about this for a brief moment. What is the very first thing a person sees when they enter the sanctuary for the very first time at CMBC? You guessed it, it is whatever we are projecting onto the screens. It’s what people hear when they come in to worship with us.

So it is vital that we be on our absolute “A” game and deliver a spot on presentation both from a visual standpoint as well as what they hear as well. The church as a whole is moving into a new era. As many of you know, music can certainly drive a person to a special place in their worship. So, into the future you will begin to hear more contemporary Christian music playing when you enter into the sanctuary.

Volunteers Needed – Are You Up To The Challenge?

Some of the things that we are needing immediate assistance with is we are in need of two to three additional individuals who are willing to be trained how to operate the sound board. We will be developing a serve schedule and want to put people in rotation. This will ensure that no one person has to cover the basis all the time, plus gets an equal amount of opportunity to serve our church and be part of your mission in serving Jesus. It can be both exciting as well as challenging. We need those who are willing to step up and accept that challenge.

Additionally, we need a couple more individuals who are willing to learn about how to create and present the visual displays that you see on the screen during any of our worship services.

We are looking to create a training schedule for both of these areas. So, if you are interested, please leave us a comment below with your contact information or reach out to Greg Hyatt or Josh Tankersly to express your interest. We are also encouraging our younger people to get involved. This is a huge opportunity to put you into the mix.

If you will remember not too long ago, our pastor explained some of the areas that we could improve upon to deliver that “Wow” factor when a person walks in to visit with us the first time. This is your opportunity to be a part of that.

The Dedication To Carry On

Of course due to the nature of the positions, we are asking that only those individuals who can be here on a regular basis apply to be a part of this opportunity. It will involve some pretty intense training and learning opportunities. However, for those who are ready to accept this opportunity, you will never experience a more rewarding blessing.

We are looking to hear from you. Let’s make what people experience at Crow Mountain Baptist Church one that they will never forget and be excited to tell all of their friends about. The results are obvious!

There’s never been a better time to be involved than now!