Website Update

Website Update – Collecting Idea’s & Thoughts

Give just a bit of feedback with the current website update. As you know from a recent post I had made about taking on a new re-design for the ministry website of CMBC, we had to take a hard look into it.

When any website update takes place, there is always going to be a vast amount of undertaking that happens with this kind of project.

Mapping Out Our Website Update – Keeping It Real

Many people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of any major website update.

Let’s address why this major site overhaul had to take place.

Google sets the standards when it comes to website design and development. Since they have changed their criteria of how a website should be designed, your technology team leader had to take a new approach.

Google has since rolled out it’s new algorithms, which denotes that a site must be mobile friendly first. This entailed us having to look into a major website update to ensure we were meeting that criteria.

Also, there are other things that we wanted to focus upon. As you know, we have been attempting to get our audio podcasts and video’s uploaded just as soon as time permits.

A Fresh Start For Our Website Update – A New Coat Of Paint

Anyone who has ever owned a collectors car realizes that you can always bring it back to life by adding a fresh coat of paint and modifying some of its components.

Performing a massive website update is pretty much along those same lines.

However, in the world of creative website design, most developers gain their best ideas by observing what others in the same genre are doing. Certainly no different here.

I spend a great deal of time taking a look at other ministry websites to see what the latest trends in both development and design have to offer.

We are on a great start to the new roll out of our ministry website. Obviously there are going to be some fine tuning points involved as we get further into this.

Launch time is closer than ever

lift-off in:


Don’t be the one who wished that had taken a chance to make a major contribution. Sign up today for major announcements about our new and powerful ministry website.

Collecting Ideas – Things You Want To See On Our Website Update

This is a great time to provide us with your input. What are some of the things you would like to see upon our new site?

I can’t stress this enough. While I may be performing the development and design of the new site design, it is up to you to provide suggestions along the way.

Please give suggestions as to possible color palettes, ministry resources, and pages that are pertinent to the ministry of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

In addition, I am going to be seeking out content contributors that will be willing to write at least one article per week. People come to a website to see new and exciting things.

If all they see is the same things, then it is nothing more than a pretty brochure.

Using Technology To Spread The Gospel

We are fortunate enough to deploy some of the coolest tools available that so many ministries do not have access to. Don’t let these sit idly by and go to waste. Everyone can have a part in the material that appears on this website.

If you are interested, please reach out to Greg Hyatt and let me know so that we can arrange from some training time to ensure you know how to access the website and to begin providing your content to it.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new announcements as they pertain to the ongoing developments of this amazing opportunity that God has placed within our grasp.