Meet Your CMBC Leadership Team

We want you to take a minute to get to know your CMBC Leadership Team. Each of these individuals bring a wealth of talent and unique creative abilities in conjunction with God's Word and direction to ensure that your visit with CMBC is both an enjoyable and memorable one.

Each of these fine Men of God bring a core set of values that are the epicenter of what is the essence of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor, Howard Kisor, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Howard Kisor, Jr.

Our beloved pastor has been in the ministry for 50 years. If you truly want to experience a pastor who exemplifies the love that Jesus commanded us to have for our church, our pastor brings it to life. Powerful, Biblical, and Fulfilling.

Hungly Luu

Youth Pastsor, Hungly Luu

Your children of all ages will enjoy the amazing wit of our blessed and anointed  youth pastor Hungly Luu. A man who has a true passion to make sure  your children receive Biblical truths and put them into action.

Stan Hunt

Music Director, Stanley Hunt

When you visit with us at CMBC,  you will be blessed to be a part of our Worship Service that is led by our Director of Music, Stanley Hunt. Stan combines both traditional as well as contemporary music to provide you a wonderful experience.