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At CMBC you'll find a community of some of the most amazing people you will come across in a church. We're a church built by real-people, led by real-leaders, who deliver God's divine word to help you with real-life issues. Your journey to finding a church home for you and your family starts here.

Senior Pastor, Howard Kisor, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Howard Kisor, Jr.

Solid Preaching. God's Word Made Simple. Love Exemplified

Over 20 years ago, Crow Mountain Baptist Church began as a safe place for people to discover God's divine word and to begin building life-long lasting relationships that have carried them through even until today! Today, Crow Mountain Baptist Church is growing like never before.

We are truly blessed for all of the wonderful opportunities that God has presented to the amazing group of families and individuals who are part of the family here at CMBC.

When you visit with us here at CMBC, what you will encounter is people just like you. No fake people here! Just ordinary folks just like yourself, trying to live an uncommon life that is real, smart, brave, and proclaiming the name of Jesus like never before. We place a great deal of emphasis on helping you and your family settle in with our family and become comfortable in a house of worship that truly wants to love you exactly the same way that Jesus loves the church.

We truly hope that you and your family will make plans to visit with us soon. Please take time to visit with me when you do, and while you're here on our ministry website, take a moment an complete our contact form. We'd love to hear from each of you!

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Need directions? No worries! You can click on the button below to open Google Maps on your mobile device to get immediate directions to CMBC. We look forward to seeing you here!

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CMBC meets Sunday mornings at 9:45am for Sunday school, 10:45am for Morning Worship, & 6pm for Evening Services. Also, Wednesday evening at 6pm for KBC and Bible Study.

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Are you needing to speak to someone immediately? Click on the button below to contact the offices of Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Or you can utilize our form here to contact us.


Everything from classic hymnals to contemporary. Whatever your flavor is, we try to ensure that our praise & worship time at CMBC fits the needs of all who come to sing their praises to Jesus.

Kids & Teens

At Crow Mountain Baptist Church, there is nothing more precious and important to us that our children. We provide a safe and fun environment for your children and teens to explore their faith and grow in Jesus. 

We have a variety of ministries to meet the needs of all your children, regardless of their ages. 


We don't just hang out at church here at CMBC. We're a church who likes to go out into our community and around the world participating in a variety of mission work and sharing the Gospel message.


Become a part of a church that practices what we preach. We don't just sit in our pews, we are an active body of believers that is committed to taking the River Valley area by storm with the love of Jesus Christ.

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We have a very active Facebook page for CMBC. We encourage you to visit it and make sure and like our page. We share all of our videos, photos, events and a host of other engaging information there. Hope to engage with you soon there.

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We have been recording the services here at CMBC for a while now. We encourage you to visit with us on our YouTube Channel and make sure and subscribe to us. You'll get notifications with the release of each new video that we have added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Come As You Are

We want you to be comfortable during your visit with us Crow Mountain Baptist Church. There's no need to worry about what to wear. Load your family up and come as you are!

After all, it's not about the fashion. It's about being comfortable enough to absorb the Word of God into your life.

Come and experience a life-changing event at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.


What Time Should I Arrive?


You know the ole' saying, "the early bird gets the worm?" There's some truth to that. We encourage you to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of any of our services if you are a first time visitor. This will allow you ample time to get acquainted with our facilities and get your children situated.

Plus, we love to chat! Give yourself some extra time to stop and visit with the friendly folks that here waiting for your arrival.

We love to talk about Jesus and what He has done in our lives.


Handicap Parking

Here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church, we offer plenty of handicap parking for those who may require it.

In addition, if you need assistance getting into our campus, you can pull under our drive through and any one of our friendly people will assist you with both entering and parking your vehicle.

Don't worry about when the service is over. We'll make sure that we retrieve your vehicle and help you back into it.

Come and visit with us this Sunday at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.



Church Security


In light of recent events around our country, CMBC has taken extra steps to ensure your family's security while worshiping with us.

We have several people on duty who are both current law enforcement officers as well as previously trained military personnel that are experts in firearms.

In addition, we take extra measures to ensure that your children are protected. From the time a service starts in our fellowship hall for our youth, the doors are locked and require a member of our security team to allow them to enter.

At the end of any youth service, we make sure to have someone working the door who knows each child's family to ensure they are being picked up by the appropriate person. We take your security seriously and you can worship in peace without having to fear for yours or your family's safety.


Church Members

Crow Mountain Baptist Church has a wide variety of members. We have young members who are just entering high school, all the way up to our cherished seniors who have reached their golden years.

Regardless of your age, we have plenty of people here at CMBC for you to choose to befriend that are loving and ready to accept you into their lives.

If you have been looking for a church that truly loves people, then you search is over.

Come and visit with us and see what makes us uniquely different from other Southern Baptist Churches located in the River Valley area.


Church Members