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A Life In Christ

A Life In Christ

A Life In Christ – Emerging & Living Victoriously

On this broadcast, Dawn and Mary will be talking about having a life in Christ and how to emerge and live victoriously in Jesus. Listen in as they continue their discussion from their weekly Bible study material from Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

A bit more information. Started hear soon, Nora Earnest will be covering our Sunday School lessons in her podcast on here. Dawn and Mary will be opening up an even deeper conversation and podcast that will truly take you in new directions. You will certainly want to stay tuned for all the exciting events and happenings here at CMBC.

However, let’s take a listen on this episode and learn more about a life in Christ and how each of you can be victorious in your walk with Jesus and your daily prayer lives.

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Also, don’t forget you can leave the ladies comments or questions at the bottom of the post that each and every episode appears in. Dawn will respond as quickly to possible to those.

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